Clean-Cut Laser Drilled Airfoils for the Aerospace Industry

Providing the highest-quality laser cutting, laser drilling, laser welding, and laser marking services available, Corry Laser is proud to serve some of the industry’s most critical applications. Over the years, for instance, we’ve had the chance to partner with several companies in the aerospace industry, ensuring reliable, long-lasting part performance in safety-critical systems and equipment.

We can work with a wide range of materials, and guarantee the highest levels of precision and edge quality, no matter how complex the job.

Past Work in the Aerospace Industry

Below, we’ve outlined one of our most recent jobs, in which we provided laser cutting and prototyping services for a customer in the aerospace field.

The Challenge

This aerospace client was aware of our past experience in the field, and knew we had been serving aerospace clients for over 30 years. The customer chose to work with us based on this proven track record, as well as the fact that Corry Laser maintains stringent NADCAP AC7004 Aerospace Quality Systems.

This particular client came to us in need of high-quality, reliable airfoil components for use in jet engines.


The Solution

First, we created an airfoil prototype for client approval. Once this was reviewed and any necessary alterations were made, we employed a 3D laser cutting machine to create the airfoils. We made use of customer-supplied Haynes® material for this particular part, working closely with the client’s team throughout all steps of the process.

We also traveled to the client’s facility when necessary. These site visits are of utmost importance when working on critical 3D projects like this, as the programming involved often becomes intensive since holding fixtures can get very expensive. (To alleviate this, Corry can work with clients to design specialized tooling, or use what the customer already has available. This programming work is available to all customers at nominal engineering fees.)

The airfoils were laser trimmed and drilled. And because these components were to be welded later on, we also had to prepare them for the welding process. To alleviate any porosity in the weld we used Nitrogen Clean Cutting. The overall part dimensions were 14 inches in diameter, with a ±.002 profile tolerance and a .010 true position tolerance.

And to ensure optimal quality and performance, we subjected the airfoils to thorough testing throughout the laser cutting process, as well as a final inspection upon completion. Recast evaluation was also completed.

The Result

We shipped the final NADCAP-certified parts to the customer in Canada, and they were thrilled with the final product, which we were able to deliver in a three-week turnaround. We now manufacture anywhere from 300 to 400 pieces a year for this client.

We were also able to keep down waste on this project, ensuring the smallest footprint possible. In fact, all of our aerospace customers complete a vendor evaluation survey at the end of each quarter, and we’re proud to have placed in the 98th percentile for delivery and scrap percentage.

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